Do You Have the Qualities of a Leading Men?

You don’t have to be in movies to be a Star. Learn the top 10 qualities it takes to
be a Leading Man in your own movie called…Life.

Okay, so you’re not getting paid millions of dollars to star opposite of a smoking
hot Hollywood actress, and people aren’t running up to you asking for your
autograph either. There’s no doubt that the Matthew McConaughey’s, Brad Pitt’s,
and Girard Butler’s of the world aren’t enviable specimens, but they are after all is
said and done… humans just like us. Like all human beings they’re susceptible to
the same things we are: Food poisoning, taxes, and jury duty.

The top paid guys in Hollywood attribute their rare success to the common
grounds of very human qualities. What makes’ these guys desirable, and
admired by everyone isn’t just their looks; they possess an unmistakable
sense of confidence, purpose, and authenticity. In substance, these guys own
themselves. They know what they want and take big risks to achieve great
success with little compromise.

What are the ultimate must Top 10 qualities that Hollywood’s Leading Men
possess? Discover how to bring out the A-Lister in you:


People who seem to make the sun revolve around them may be pulling it off
with something we overlook every day; a warm disposition and a great smile.
Smiling is a sub-conscious form of communication, but it says very clearly to
the world around you that you are happy. Happy people are favored greatly
and are rewarded with a lot more friends, more fun in their personal lives,
success in their work; leading them to have very fulfilled lives. Smiling doesn’t
cost a penny, and will make your life rich beyond measure.

Simon Baker, as seen on The Mentalist “Has a genuine smile, that is effortless and infectious” – says his co-star Robin Tunney


Often termed as the “Window to the soul”, our eyes can express more than we can convey with words. A big attractor to women is that “Je Ne se qua” about a man, or a little mischief, in a man’s eyes. When you carry a little mystery in your eyes people will want to try to figure you out because human beings are very curious creatures by nature. Play up the mystery in your eyes simply by thinking of a secret you’ve never told, hold it in your gaze, with a bit of a grin. Now watch the intrigue in you ensue.

“Josh has a mischievous glint in his eye that lets you know he’s up for anything.” -Elizabeth Banks co-star of ‘W’


Being a man doesn’t mean completely giving up the little boy you were. Young boys are playful, adventurous, curious, and are impartial to the current events of the world, they still see the world as really neat place that is begging to be explored. There’s a great deal of power in the innocence of children that is severely underrated, and we mistakenly believe that just because we grow up we must grow out of that very innocence and playfulness. Keeping your inner child alive keeps you open to receiving the great gifts life offers. If you have forgotten, go spend some time with kids to remind yourself of what you were once like. Activate your inner little kid, and go out into the world with that same sense of playfulness. Be prepared to enjoy some well-deserved attention.

“Instantly you feel like you become his best friend in that moment, and it’s genuine. He extends himself. He has an open heart, and that’s really lovely.” – Vera Farmiga ‘Up In the Air’ co-star


These two virtues will never go out of style, and make any man look like a million bucks. When you perform random acts of kindness, you greatly benefit from it. Besides the creating good karma thing, your body actually produces a ton of tonics that boost your immune system, and promote a healthy functioning body. Kindness can be likened to the “Fountain of Youth”, you grow younger each time your body produces this tonic cocktail in your body. The real magic happens, when you give freely without expecting anything in return. Next time you see someone in need, tap into your inner super hero and let the world witness it. What’s wrong with being like Superman after all?

“Kindness and Generosity are very sexy, and Matt is warm and welcoming. He loves his job so much, is so prepared and having such a good time, that it’s impossible to not feel happy working with him.” – Melanie Lynskey – co-star in ‘The Informant’


Part of being a great man is in the ability of making everyone around him feel really good about their self (also known as compassion). When you put your genuine interest in those around you, and make them feel like what they have to say is important or that they matter. You create a gateway to true bonding, and friendship that can last a lifetime. The only thing you need to do is get comfortable with yourself first, by realizing that you’re a man of great importance and that what you have to say is important, then see everyone else through that same lens.

“Robert has a way of making everyone around him feel very special and comfortable. Whenever I see him, I walk away smiling.” – Michelle Monaghan co-star in ‘Due Date’


Confidence is constantly confused with egotism. True confidence is really about feeling a deep sense of gratitude for being alive and knowing that you are already a whole and complete person without external things like money, cars, and women. A truly confident man sees these things as a bonus in life, not the actual paycheck itself. Placing your personal value on the things outside of you who you are: like your job title, your bank account, and how many people you know is like building a house on quicksand, it’s not going to last for long, and it can sink you down into despair in seconds.

“He’s got mad confidence…I was pleasantly surprised by his very boyish nature. He’s not jaded. He loved working, and he was just enthusiastic and happy to be there. I find that very attractive. I don’t like much attitude on a guy.” – co-star Bree Turner, ‘The Ugly Truth’


Be good at one thing. The trick is to be good at the one thing that you really love to do. If it’s mastering the grill, building airplane models, coaching kids in basketball, these count for something. When you’re not at your 9-5, take time out for you and enjoy that activity that makes you happy. If you don’t know what that one thing is, ask your buddies or your family members to give you their take on the things they think you’re good at. Sometimes getting perspective from a third party will remind you of the things you may have forgotten that you were good at.

“Jake is the kind of guy who can do a spot-on impression…He knows home remedies for distressed hair. He can build a cabinet from scratch. He plays the guitar, and has a great voice. Kids, Dogs, and Moms love him.” – Natalie Portman, co-star in ‘Brothers’


Laughing is a powerful medicine, so when you have the ability to make other people laugh you’re like a good doctor, and healing folks around you. Having a sense of humor isn’t limited to just laughing at other people’s jokes, it’s being able to laugh at yourself and all your imperfections or mistakes. By the way, there’s nothing more attractive or seductive to a woman than a man who can make her laugh.

“He’s funny, attentive, intelligent. And if you went out to dinner with him, he’s not one of those guys who judge you if you ate alot.”- Tina Fey


You don’t have to swing from vine to vine to be a experience what Tarzan got to everyday, Adventure is more in the spirit or the mindset, than it is in the activity. Make your entire day an adventure through the use your imagination. Stop waking up to Ground Hogs day, and change up your routine a bit. Wake yourself up to some music you can play air guitar too, slide on your wood floors in your socks. Compliment an old sour lady- she may hit you with her bag, but that’s where the adventure is! I’m sure you can think of more clever ways then my references to movie scenes. It’s your life man, Make it a fun one.

“He’s kind, adventurous and lives his life to the fullest every day. Now that he’s a dad, all of those qualities have just magnified.” – Kate Hudson- co-star ‘Fool’s Gold’


This may sound cliche, but it’s a truism that can be trusted to solve most of life’s problems. Check out a movie called “Dinner with Schmucks” with Steve Carrell to illustrate the depth of this statement. Whatever your style, your likes or dislikes, the key is to honor them. Don’t negate yourself for the sake of someone else that you think is much cooler or better looking than you in the room. Trust that you were born with very customized qualities and talents. It’s your job to share these qualities and talents with the world not keep them hidden and locked up inside of you. Just being your self, can be the very thing that can save someone else’s life. By doing you, everyone around you benefits tremendously. You may not be able to see it, but you won’t know unless you try it either.

“You don’t have to deal with whatever it implies to be Brad Pitt. He’s very relocatable  He’s nice.” – Diane Kruger- co-star ‘Inglorious Bastards’

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