Defender Razor Review and Test

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The Defender Razor is a unique, high-quality razor that introduces a close, smooth shaving experience due to its anatomical design that glides over your face surface with 3 independent blade suspensions.

These are customer reviews of the Defender Razor, taken from Facebook, by real customers using the Defender Razor.

We break them down into different aspects of Shaving:


Head Shaving

The Defender Razor is not only suitable for shaving your face but also ideal for shaving your head, and here is why;

  • Adaptable Suspension in the Blade – Because the blades have an adaptable suspension, they easily glide over curves and always stay in contact with your skin. This is especially ideal for shaving your head.
  • Pivoting Action – With the Defender Blades improved Pivoting action, it does not only pivot from the bottom but the entire center, which means it can pivot much further and reach any angle. This is great news for shaving your head.

Long Term Users

The Defender is one of the best available razors for long term use;

  • Different Blade Types – You can choose your blade from the Defender range for regular use, sensitive skin, among others. This means that you have a blade that suits your skin perfectly and will provide you with long-term use.
  • Easy Cleaning – Because of the no clog and easy rinse design, your blades will generally last much longer and not build up or stay wet. This, in turn, will give you better long-term use of the Defender Razor blades.

Close Shave

The Defender Razor’s entire design will help enhance your shaving experience to give you a much closer shave. However, here are two features that will give you the closest shave;

  • Three Blades – The regular Blades are the best for the closest shave. three very sharp blades will give you an extremely close shave.
  • Adaptive Suspension – The adaptive suspension design of the blade ensures that it is always in the closest contact with your skin, which is likewise ideal for a very close shave.

No Clogging

The Defender Razor Blades have a no-clog design like no other razor I have seen before.

  • Extra Wide Spacing between The Blades – The extra wide spaces between the blades will help shaving foam, hairs, and liquids to pass through with ease, which means the razor blades will not clog up.
  • Easy Rinse Design – In turn, when it comes to cleaning your razor blades, you do not have to scrub and wash, struggling to get small, stuck hairs out. The wide spaces allow you just easily to rinse the blades clean.

Sharp Razor

If anything, the blades on the Defender razor are super sharp; that is why you can also enjoy the closest shave.

  • Super Sharp Quality – The Blades on the Defender Razor cartridges are excellent quality, consisting of materials that are durable and do not dull easily. they are extremely sharp and effective.
  • Three Blades – You will also see that there are three very sharp blades with the ideal amount of blades that you need for a close and safe shave.

Ergonomic Design

The Entire design of the Defender Razor is ergonomic, from the head to the grip on the handle.

  • Handle – The handle has a soft touch and non-slip design, with the handle being much wider at the head, narrowing to the end for a perfect, ergonomic grip.
  • Head – The head or blades offer comfortable suspension from the center of the head, along with unrestricted pivoting, which means you can shave at any angle on any surface, keeping full contact with the skin.

Smooth Shave

All in all, you will enjoy a smooth shave with the defender razor because of two reasons;

  • No Pulling and Tugging – Because there is ample space between the blades, there will be much less pulling and tugging of your hairs, which is mainly caused by blades that are spaced tightly together.
  • Anti-Friction Gliding Strips – The Anti-Friction Gliding strips on the top of the blade cartridge will lubricate your skin for a much smoother surface for shaving.

No Razor Bumps

The Defender Razor Blades promise less if no razor bumps if you choose a Sensitive Blade.

  • Sensitive Blade – The sensitive blade is designed especially for skin prone to mild irritation and razor bumps.
  • Extra Sensitive Blade – The Extra Sensitive Blade is designed for persons who suffer from severe irritation, razor burns, ingrown hairs, and bumps.

No Pulling – No Tugging

The No Pulling and Tugging Design on the Defender razor Blades is perfect to give a much smoother and irritation free shave;

  • How is Pulling and Tugging Caused? – Pulling and tugging is caused by razor blades that are too tightly or closely spaced on the head, which then try to pull on the same hairs.
  • What Makes defender razor Blades so Different? – The defender blades have blades that are spaced quite far apart from each other so there will be no pulling and tugging of the hairs.

Best Razor Ever

Why is the Defender razor the Best razor Ever?

  • Best Technology – There is much research behind the technology used in the Defender Razor. They aim to take common issues we find with most razor brands and address each with the best technology to prevent these issues. In turn, you will get the closest and most comfortable shave.
  • Versatile – The Defender razor is a Multi-Purpose razor, and because of the design, you can use it on almost all body parts, and even for shaving a bald head.

Shave Under the Nose

I love this function, as shaving under the nose is one of the trickiest parts of shaving.

  • Thinnest Cartride – The Defender razor has a cartridge design that is 50% thinner than other brands, which means it is so easy to fit underneath your nose.
  • Closer Upper blade – The upper blade of the cartridge is placed as close as possible to the edge of the cartridge, which is much different from regular razors. This enables you to shave almost directly underneath your nose.

Great Customer Service

The cherry on the cake for a good product is, of course, their customer service, and from many excellent reviews, I can tell you defender razor brand has the best customer service.

  • Money Back Guarantee – Defender offers you a full money-back guarantee on their products should you not be happy with their product.
  • Great Online Support – They offer excellent online support, with a support page and full details where you can access them. The staff answered diligently and had a very quick response.

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1 Response

  1. Luke says:

    Ok so it’s the end of April 2020, I have been using these razors for the better part of 3 years now and I swear by them!

    The razors last SO SOOO long! and they cut close and never leave bumps.
    I use it for my neck, beard, and Head. I love how smooth the shave is and how I rairly need to make many passes to get the closeness I want, and I want it close. So trust me when I say these blades are amazing!
    I use Sensitive skin ones and they have never let me down. After about 3-6 months I find I need to replace a blade. and I order a single pack every 6 months, You just don’t need more than that!

    These are seriously my favorite blades and so affordable. I won’t use another brand again, these just don’t fall apart or dull like the other brands I have tried.

    Give them a try, it’ll be the best $12-15 bucks you have spent in a long while.