Defender Razor Review and Test

Customer’s Reviews on Defender Razor

These are customer reviews of the Defender Razor, taken from Facebook, by real customers that are using the Defender Razor.

We break them down into different aspects of Shaving:


Head Shaving

Long Term Users

Close Shave

No Clogging

Sharp Razor

Ergonomic Design

Smooth Shave

No Razor Bumps

No Pulling – No Tugging

Best Razor Ever

Shave Under the Nose

Great Customer Service

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1 Response

  1. Luke says:

    Ok so it’s the end of April 2020, I have been using these razors for the better part of 3 years now and I swear by them!

    The razors last SO SOOO long! and they cut close and never leave bumps.
    I use it for my neck, beard, and Head. I love how smooth the shave is and how I rairly need to make many passes to get the closeness I want, and I want it close. So trust me when I say these blades are amazing!
    I use Sensitive skin ones and they have never let me down. After about 3-6 months I find I need to replace a blade. and I order a single pack every 6 months, You just don’t need more than that!

    These are seriously my favorite blades and so affordable. I won’t use another brand again, these just don’t fall apart or dull like the other brands I have tried.

    Give them a try, it’ll be the best $12-15 bucks you have spent in a long while.