Dual Head Razor

The Dual Headed Safety razor is a new innovative technology in a razor that allows you to reach all those hard to reach curves and lines on your face and neck while also enabling you to shave your entire head with ease.

As we already know, with the Dual Edged blade, you get a much closer shave requiring fewer passes for your face, neck, and head. Well, to top this off, you now have the magnificent and highly advanced option of the Dual Head razor.

This article focuses on informing you more about the latest invention, the Dual Head razor, and all its exceptional features.

What is a Dual Head Razor

So what exactly is a Dual Head Razor, you ask. Well, it’s easy to explain, it is a razor with two cartridge heads;

The Dual Head razor has an easy-grip handle for you to control the razor with, particularly for reaching hard to reach areas such as the beach and curves of your face or head.

The Two Dual Heads can pivot, and each feature three safety blades, with a flexible head, resulting in a very close and easy shave for your complete comfort.

I have included this video of the Defender Dual Headed Razor to further your understanding of this highly intricate yet simple to use technology;

Pros and Cons of a Dual Head Razor

As with every tool there are some pros and cons;


The Dual Head Razor offers you much better-shaving control and a much closer and smoother shave.

With a Dual-Headed razor, you can easily shave curved and hard to reach areas, and you can even shave your entire head safely and smoothly.

The Dual-Headed razor uses cartridges; although you may need replacement much less often, they are a bit expensive, none the less they still last you very long.

Any good quality brand razor will last, so if you invest in a good quality Dual Head Razor, you may be surprised by its durability in general.

Another excellent benefit of your Dual Head razor is that it works much better with your product; no matter what type of shaving cream you use, you will get a great result and a smooth and comfortable shave because of the safety guards on this razor.


There is a bit more cleaning time involved with this razor type as you are now faced with two heads or edges rather than one.
Affordability with your Dual Head razor is likewise an issue, as you now need to purchase two cartridges and not just one, although this is made up for with its long-lasting design.
Using a Double-Headed razor can be quite tricky, but as soon as you get the hang of it, it should all come easily, and you can enjoy a much closer and smoother shave.
You will see that you may also need to rinse your razor much more frequently.

In the end, price-wise, with your first purchase of a Double-Headed razor, because of the new and much more innovative design, you can expect a higher price tag, but trust me, it is the investment of a lifetime!

Review: The Dual Head Razor

I have chosen one of the latest and most highly-rated brands and models of Double Head razors and done a quick review on what it offers and what customers have to say about this razor;

The Defender Dual Head Razor

Defender Dual head Razor

Before I start out with this new product, keep in mind that the Defender Dual Head Razor is a fairly new product on the market, but what I like about it is how fast it is making waves.

The Defender Dual Headed razor was designed to shave in multiple directions without you having to change the grip or the angle of your razor, so you get a much faster and easier shave, particularly on those hard to reach spots.

Some Features;

  • The ergonomic handle perfectly fits your finger for just the right amount of pressure, accuracy, and natural control.
  • There are three blades spaced far apart to prevent pulling and tugging with independent suspension.
  • The cartridge pivots smoothly in both directions for better control and a smoother shave at any angle.
  • You can use this Razor to Shave with the Grain and then Against the grain for a much closer and irritation-free shave.

According to the customer reviews that I have come across for the Defender Dual Headed razor, this truly is one of the best inventions for Dual Razors. The Defender Dual Head razor is said to cut shave much closer than many other razors in its class, forming to your skin while you are shaving. It reaches all those hard-to-reach lines and curves with ease and does not irritate.

Lastly, it is long-lasting, and the blades, with wider spacing in between, are much easier to clean.
This razor is similarly praised for its high versatility, particularly that it is so effective and used for shaving your head. One superb advantage noted by some customers is that you can shave against the grain with the Dual Head Razor, and it will not cause you any irritation or razor bumps.

In The End

The Dual Head Razor from Defender by far stands out when it comes to innovative and effective technology and features, and it can likewise be used for all areas on your face and head.

Many satisfied customers have openly recommended the Dual-head razor against quite a few other popular brands of safety razors and Double-Edged razors; the feedback coming in at a fast pace for this razor has only been positive so far.

In the end, if you want to invest in the best Dual Type razor, I would go for the Defender Dual Headed razor for its versatility and many features.

Customer Reviews: Dual Head Razor

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