Vintage Shaving Bowl

Are you looking to upgrade your shaving accessories in style? Consider getting a Vintage Shaving Bowl to complement your shaving gear.

They have unique retro looks and are incredibly functional. Keep on reading to know more features and products to help you get one.

Buying Considerations For Vintage Shaving Bowl

A vintage shaving bowl intends to look like an antique shaving bowl that will make you enjoy shaving simultaneously. We have listed some things that you should consider while buying a shaving bowl.

  • Material – You can choose from materials like ceramic, stainless steel, metal, and wood as per your needs.
  • Surface – See that the bowl’s surface is smooth and does not have any perforations.
  • Build – Look for a groovy build that is formed at a high temperature to ensure it is break-resistant.
  • Design – You can choose various designs like wide bowls and cups shaped with handles on them.

Features Of Vintage Shaving Bowl

Pick the top rated shaving bowls that match your other shaving accessories. Here are some of the features of the vintage shaving bowl.

  • Anti-Slip – The bowl should be anti-slip so that it does not fall due to lather and foam.
  • Textured – There should be some texture on the surface to ensure a nice lather generation. Apart from this, a heated shaving bowl material will offer a non-porous texture.
  • Deep – It should be deep enough for the shaving brush to stand inside without dripping.
  • Lightweight – The bowl should be lightweight enough to be carried while you travel.

We also suggest you have a look at the best stone shaving bowls as they also carry a unique vintage charm.

Vintage Style Shaving Tips

Shaving may lead to bumps on your face. Therefore you should do it with the right techniques. We have listed some tips that may help achieve smoothness even with the vintage method of shaving.

  • Patience In Prepping – When you lather your face, let it sit for a few seconds to soften the hair, and then start shaving. This prepping time will help you reduce the overall time you spend shaving.
  • Right Brush – Use a brush with badger hair to create a good amount of lather. This will also help exfoliate regularly so that the dead skin cells do not accumulate on the surface.
  • Small Strokes – Use gentle strokes in the hair growth direction to avoid any bumps.
  • Double Shave – Vintage style shaving is all about clean look. If you are not satisfied with the process, repeat it in the same manner with soft strokes and a fresh razor.

What Is An Apothecary Mug?

  • The Apothecary Shaving Mug is an old-fashioned mug that gives you a classic, vintage vibe.
  • It has a deep cup and wide opening making it easy to scoop out the product without getting messy.
  • The knob handle provides you with a grip, making it safe for wet hands.
  • These are usually made of sturdy plastic, so you can use them in your shower or on any countertop without worrying about breakage.

Reviews: Best Vintage Shaving Bowl

We have listed some of the best Vintage Shaving Bowls with their features for you to choose from. Also, we would like to inform you we shall earn a small commission with every purchase made through the links in the article.

Reviewed by: John Max Score: 97

  • The bowl is made out of pure black ceramic, and it looks beautiful in person.
  • This is one of the best handmade shaving accessories that come in a textured finish on the inside of the bowl lets you create a smooth lather.
  • The pitch-black matte finishing of this old-fashioned shaving bowl looks stunning.
  • This bowl is lightweight and is very easy to maneuver around.

  • The bowl is handcrafted out of pure seabed granite.
  • This bowl has a certain weight to it, which helps in balancing while producing lather.
  • The overall bowl is very well structured and helps keep the water warm while enjoying a vintage shave.
  • You will have a smooth shaving experience with the rich lather created by the texture of the bowl.

  • The Bicrops retro shaving bowl has a ceramic body carved from fine soil heated to a high temperature. This heated shaving bowl material ensures durability.
  • It has a smooth surface with a wide mouth to dip and lather your shaving brush.
  • The victorian shaving mug design will make your shaving experience richer and luxurious.
  • It also comes with a handle to make sure the bowl does not slip while using.

  • The GBS shaving bowl is made from natural materials for a whipping lather generation.
  • This victorian shaving mug has an ergonomic apothecary design in the ivory shade to give a classy and functional appearance. It absolutely looks like an antique shaving mug and brush set.
  • This set of shaving bowls and other accessories will make shaving easier and quicker for you.
  • It comes with a soap that generates the perfect amount of lather with the ivory bowl.

  • Get the Anself shaving bowl that has a deep design to help dip the brush and form lather.
  • It has a fine durable texture and is lightweight to carry comfortably along with you.
  • The bowl is made using wood that is break-resistant and anti-corrosion for long-lasting use.
  • Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly choice instead of synthetic materials.

  • The Bicrops Home vintage shaving bowl has an exquisite design for your shaving needs.
  • It is made of a ceramic body made from fine soil under high temperatures for break resistance.
  • The surface of the bowl is smooth while being anti-slip and stable in the hands.
  • Additionally, it has a small handle attached to it for a comfortable hold and placement.

  • Perhaps, one of the most different and yet old-school shaving amenities you will find.
  • This Old Spice shaving mug is a tribute to Grand Turk Salem’s ship, so it’s user-friendly and a piece of history.
  • The mug is an excellent ceramic built, and its tall structure allows for plenty of foam creation.
  • It is also multi-functional as it can be used to hold the razors and cream tube after use.

Index Table: Top-Rated Vintage Shaving Bowl

1WOLFLAND Ceramic - Handmade Shaving Bowl
  • Pottery Design
  • Ceramic
2CHARMMAN Natural Granite - Vintage Shaving Bowl
  • Well-Balanced
  • Sturdy
3Bicrops Ceramic - Vintage Shaving Cup
  • Smooth
  • Customizable
4GBS Shaving Ivory - Shaving Mug And Brush Set
  • Large
  • Wide
GBS Shaving97
5Anself Wooden - Vintage Wooden Shaving Bowl
  • Environmental
  • Durable
6Bicrops Home Spiral - Vintage Shaving Bowl
  • Non-Slip
  • Groovy
Bicrops Home98
7Antique Ship Grand Turk - Vintage Shaving Mug
  • Vintage Look
  • Ceramic Built

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