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Everyone is looking for a hair removal method that is painless and convenient. One such method for facial hair removal is using the best epilator for the face.

You can use this on your chin, sideburns, and mustache. Choose from various options for the epilators for the face and stay hair-free for a long time.

Reviews: Best Epilator for Face

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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 99

  • Consider this best epilator for the face with 18-Karat Gold plating hypoallergenic features.
  • It’s gentle for all skin types and tones for easy hair removal.
  • Moreover, it has a light to guide you for hair removal and find fine hair on your face.
  • This epilator works on butterfly technology that allows microscopically pairing to remove hair.
  • Moreover, it is dermatologically approved; therefore, people with sensitive skin can use it too.

  • The facial epilator Philips Satinelle has two-speed settings to remove fine and coarse hair.
  • It comes with a handle designed for ease of use; smooth skin is achievable in weeks because shorter hairs are removed from the roots.
  • This is the best epilator for the face and body, making epilation easy and efficient.
  • Besides, it also guarantees optimal hygiene as the head is easily washable between uses.
  • Overall, this epilator will leave your skin silky smooth for four to six weeks.

  • The Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator can quickly remove hair on any desired area with six tweezers.
  • Besides, the compact design is ideal for detailed areas like your face and neck.
  • This cordless epilator comes with a brush to clean it after use and an attached cap that ensures it is safe when not in use or while traveling.
  • You need to attach one AA battery to its body before you start removing unwanted facial hair!
  • This portable and sturdy hair removal tool makes it the best epilator for coarse facial hair.

  • Emjoi has the best epilator for sensitive skin as it has a gliding motion instead of constant pulling and tugging on the skin.
  • Moreover, this Emjoi eRase epilator automatically adjusts to your skin tone and begins removing hair from its roots.
  • The three discs rotate in opposite directions while rotating away any unwanted facial hairs within seconds of turning this device on.
  • This is great for people who struggle with shaving or waxing because it does not cause any nicks and irritation.
  • Besides, there’s less chance that blackheads will form around your face, too, since little stubbles won’t be poking out everywhere after using this product.

  • The ElectriBrite epilator comes with nine tweezers that can remove the hair quickly.
  • It also has a precise hair removal system to remove sideburns, mustache, and chin hair.
  • The mini size of this epilator makes it very easy to travel with and carry in your purse.
  • You can use this cordless epilator for a half-hour straight without it switching off in between.
  • Moreover, you can clean this epilator head with water to ensure it is free from bacteria before and after each use.

  • Pick this Braun epilator that you can use both in a wet and dry setting.
  • It has a micro-grip technology with forty tweezers to effortlessly remove hair in less time.
  • Moreover, the Braun facial epilator allows you to access more areas in one stroke.
  • Apart from this, it has multiple uses and can be used on the head and other body parts.
  • Besides, this epilator has a massage cap that makes hair removal considerable

Is Epilating Bad for Face?

Everyone may experience different results with epilation due to the difference in skin type. It is always better to spot-test the epilator over your sideburns and mustache. When used properly, the epilator is one of the best ways of hair removal.

  • Procedure – You must rotate the epilator between various areas of your face to avoid hair growth patterns from becoming permanent. This will ensure no prospective ingrown hairs or rash due to irritation buildup as the hair grows back after treatment with an epilator.
  • Temporary Redness – Your face may look red after epilating; however, this occurs with all hair removal methods that remove hair from the root.
  • Growth Reduction – This may be a great advantage of using the best epilator for the face, which may reduce the ove hair growth.
  • After Care – Remember always to pair pre-treatment with a soothing lotion, moisturizer, or aloe vera gel for aftercare treatments following every session!

Is It OK To Epilate The Face?

Epilating the face is a popular hair removal method with many benefits. It is completely fine to epilate your face for longer results.

  • Smoothness – The first benefit is that an epilating face can maintain a smoother appearance longer than shaving does.
  • Long-Lasting – Epilation means you could potentially go weeks or months without any stubble and red marks on the skin caused by shaving.
  • Non-Invasive – One additional upside over shaving is that it doesn’t remove any layers of skin like you would experience with conventional methods such as waxing or dermabrasion. For anyone who has experienced excessive irritation from these other methods, epilation may offer a more comfortable alternative for undesired facial hair, such as sideburns and mustache.
  • Convenient – No messy oil clean-up is necessary after application, and it can be used without any lubrication. These make it easy for someone who is always on the go.

Does Epilator Darken Face?

Epilators will not make your skin look darker. It may help your skin look brighter by removing hair from the root.

  • No Changes – Epilators remove hair at the skin’s surface. They do not cause any changes to the pigmentation on the skin.
  • No Breakage – Epilating removes hair by grabbing onto each strand with tweezers before pulling them out one-by-one. Therefore, it does not break hair that may otherwise make your skin dark.
  • Softer Growth – Since new hair is growing from the root, it will be softer and less pigmented
  • Sensitive Skin – If you have sensitive skin, you should use a gentle epilator after a successful patch test. People with sensitive skin may get rashes if the epilator is too strong. You may find the best epilator for sensitive skin that works in different settings.

Index Table: Top-Rated Epilator for Face

1Finishing Touch Gold Plated - Portable Epilator for Face
  • Anti-Redness
  • Hypoallergenic
Finishing Touch99
2Philips Corded - Multipurpose Epilator
  • 2-Speed
  • Ergonomic
3Remington Cordless - Compact Facial Epilator
  • Stainless Steel
  • 6-Tweezers
4Emjoi Easy Glide - Gentle Facial Epilator
  • Precise
  • No-Pull
5ElectriBrite Rechargeable -
  • Lightweight
  • Smart Light
6Braun Silk-Epil - Wet And Dry Epilator
  • Micro-grip
  • 40-Tweezers

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