Vintage Shaving Kit

Who doesn’t like having a vintage shaving kit that can hold all your shaving components with ease? Though everyone loves to have a complete shaving kit, people often get confused about which one to buy.

Therefore, we made a list of the six best shaving kits that are vintage and will hold all your shaving equipment with ease and provide you with great portability. Let us check them out.

Essential Items in a Vintage Shaving Kit

A shaving kit is one of the essential items for a man. It can store all your shaving equipment with ease and ensure no misplacement of any item. A shaving kit consists of the following items:

  • Shaving Razor – One of the indispensable items in a shaving kit is a shaving razor. To get a clean and good shaving experience, your shaving kit must have a good quality razor.
  • Shaving Brush – A shaving brush helps spread the shaving foam over your face. It reaches out to all small pores on the face and softens the hair to be easily cleared out.
  • Lathering Agent – Having a good quality lathering agent in your shaving kit is necessary. It ensures that your beard’s hair becomes soft and provides a smooth shaving experience. A shaving agent may come in the form of gel, foams, and creams.
  • Aftershave Lotion – The best shaving kits are the ones that provide an aftershave lotion in them. An aftershave lotion is a necessary part of the shaving process. It reduces the skin’s irritation and must be there in a shaving kit.

Benefits of Having a Shaving Kit

Having a shaving kit has various benefits. Let us put light on some of the most important benefits.

  • Space Saving – Because of this shaving kit, it is easy for you to carry all of your shaving equipment together. Hence, having a straight razor shaving kit makes it even better to keep all your essential accessories conveniently.
  • Damage Free – Shaving kits help protect your shaving essentials from getting damaged due to unnecessary falls. Most shaving products get damaged in the traveling process. So if you have a kit, you can save them from damage.
  • Better Organization – A common problem that most people face is their shaving items’ misplacement. When the products are distributed, the chances of losing them become high. So a kit helps keep them safe and in one place.
  • Leak Proof – The probability of leaking the shaving liquid or cream tube is extremely high, especially when traveling. Therefore, using a shaving kit to store shaving products is a much better option for you.

What to Look Out for in a Vintage Shaving Kit?

Though it is hard to find an ideal antique shaving kit, you can pick a nice one while considering the following pointers.

  • Material – The vintage shaving kit are available in various types, from plastic to wood to fabric made. Though wood and plastic kits provide more safety to shaving products, a fabric-made kit provides high portability and is the most suitable option.
  • Durability – Always look for a retro shaving kit that is made with good quality material so that it does not tear or break easily and provides good durability.
  • Quality of the products – You need to consider the quality of the products given in the kit. A kit will only serve a storage purpose for you, whereas the inner accessories will determine your shaving experience.
  • Price – The price of your ideal shaving kit may vary depending upon the model and brand you are picking. Picking a shaving kit with the highest price tag is unnecessary, but compromising quality is never a good option.

Reviews: Best Vintage Shaving Kit

Below is a list of the six best shaving kits worth checking out. We also like to inform you that we might get some credit for the sale of every product you buy through the given link.

Reviewed by: John Max Score: 99

  • Store all your shaving essentials in this Maison Lambert-made shaving kit that is ideal for all men.
  • This beautiful shaving kit consists of every shaving equipment like soap, bowl, razor, aftershave, etc.
  • The premium quality vegan leather-made bag is spacious and has great durability.
  • Unlike other kits, it offers a pre-shave oil that enhances your shaving experience.’
  • This old shaving kit has amazing aesthetics, and all the essentials are completely hypoallergenic.

  • Create unique and stylish beard styles using the Swiss company’s best luxury shaving tools, Myozaki.
  • The kit includes a hair clipper, trimmer, razor, bowl, brush, and travel adapter.
  • The hair trimmer has a replaceable ceramic titanium blade that offers high-end cutting with perfection.
  • This advanced shaving kit comes in a hard attractive wood kit that keeps all tools safe in their place.
  • A beard comb is available for easy and accurate cutting of the beard.

  • Make the best of your shaving experience with this vintage-style Liberty Supply shaving set.
  • All the kit’s shaving tools are made of high quality and ensure safe usage.
  • The kit includes a shaving bowl, brush, double edge razor, stand, and ten stainless steel high-quality blades.
  • The safety razor that comes in the kit is given a long handle to get a good grip.
  • The shaving brush’s bristles are made in Italy with premium quality material and ensure the lather’s deep spreading.

  • This Rapid Beard shaving kit is made with craftsmanship and is one of its range’s best kits.
  • This shaving kit includes a badger hair brush, sandalwood soap, ten blades, an SS bowl, and a shaving stand.
  • The Dopp shaving kit has a beautiful design and is made with high-quality material for long durability.
  • The shaving products given in the kit nourishes your skin and make it extremely smooth.
  • It is easy to carry around and ensures the product’s complete safety from leakage and breakage.

  • Gentleman is a well-known shaving product brand, and this supreme quality shaving kit justifies the reason for it to be the best.
  • The shaving kit includes all the high-quality products that will provide a top-notch shaving experience.
  • The kit includes Badger Hair Brush, shave stand, soap, stainless steel bowl, alum block, Astra blades, and Dopp kit.
  • A leather-made shaving kit is available in the set that helps in easy and safe storage of all the shaving tools.
  • The shaving soap provided in the kit generates a healthy lather for the best shaving experience.

  • This Kimler-built shaving kit is specially designed for you to get smooth and fast shaving.
  • The kit includes all the necessary tools required for the shaving process, from brush to razor to shaving bowl.
  • The Brush has badger hair and a wood handle.
  • The manufacturer provides a thirty-day return policy.
  • The complete shaving kit is designed with class and high-end tools that will make your face refreshed after every shave.


The Gillette Heritage is a Double Edge razor kit with a vintage style.

  • This is a stainless steel single-blade razor.
  • There is a twist top that releases the plate to load a blade.
  • The handle is premium chrome plated with a vintage appeal.
  • A close comb is less aggressive than an open comb design.


From Miusco, we have a four-piece shaving kit for men.

  • This is a set with everything that you need.
  • There are a pure badger shaving brush and a shaving bowl.
  • The razor is stainless steel and compatible with most double edge razor blades.
  • It has a stunning vintage look and feels to it.


The G.B.S Store Shave Ready is a vintage design Straight razor kit.

  • A premium vintage straight razor set.
  • There is a badger shaving brush, and a shaving bowl included.
  • The razor has a horn design and a hollow carbon steel construction for durability.
  • It is a professional and vintage-style set.


The G.B.S Deluxe set is their deluxe travel set in a vintage design.

  • This is a deluxe razor and shaving set that is also ideal for travel.
  • It comes with a Dopp bag and razor, and brush stand,
  • There are a shaving bowl and soap included.
  • The set boasts a gorgeous vintage style.

Index Table: Top-Rated Vintage Shaving Kit

1Maison Lambert Premium - Vintage Shaving Set
  • 99% Organic
  • Hypoallergenic
Maison Lambert99
2MYOZAKI Barber Box - Shaving Kit
  • Trimmer Included
  • Titanium Blade
3Liberty Supply Vintage - Shaving Set for Men
  • Beautiful Design
  • Safe to Use
Liberty Supply96
4Rapid Beard Top Notch - Vintage Shaving Kit
  • Kit Included
  • Smooth Usage
Rapid Beard98
5Gentleman Jon Deluxe - Shaving Set
  • Leather Kit
  • Safety Razor
Gentleman Jon98
6Viking Revolution Premium - Vintage Shaving Set
  • Bather Brush
  • Canvas Kit
Viking Revolution97
7Gilette Heritage - Vintage Mens Shaving Kit
  • Double Edge Razor
  • Full Kit
  • Twist Top release
8Miusco Wet Kit - Vintage Shaving Kit
  • Full Set
  • Wet Shaver
  • Four Piece
9G.B.S Store Shave Ready - Vintage Shaving Set
  • Straight Razor
  • Full Kit
  • Vitage Classic
G.B.S Store97.2
10G.B.S Deluxe - Shave Set Vintage
  • Travel System
  • Vintage Design
  • Set and Bag

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