The Best Shave Clubs Reviewed and Tested

If you are someone with a very busy schedule and not much time to shop around for grooming accessories and products, then a Shave Club is just what you need.

There are many different Shave Clubs that you can join, I have done a few reviews on the top-rated Shave Clubs that exist today, in this article for your perusal.

Shave Club Membership

How Does a Shave Club Work

Shave Club feature
Your Shave Club Essentially basically takes the hassle out of buying shaving and other grooming accessories, as well as the guesswork on when to buy new razors.

A Shave Club is a company that specializes in shaving products and accessories, which they get from top manufacturers.

When you subscribe to a Shave Club, you will receive a package with shaving products and accessories, delivered to your door every month, or on the time basis that you require.

A Shave Club will send you the razor type of your choice, and your regularly required razor blades, as you stipulate, along with all your other shaving products such as shaving creams and oils, aftershave and exfoliators.

You have the choice between different packages, such as, for example, a basic package, classic package, or a luxury package, according to your requirements.

Some Shaving Clubs even allow you to build your package. There are Shaving Clubs that likewise offer you other grooming products such as healthcare, facial care, deodorant, and colognes, as well as body and intimate products for men.

All in All a Shave Club can save you time, money and plenty of frustration by delivering what you need, exactly when you need it at your door.

Some of the Best Shave Clubs & Their Razors

I have done some thorough research to provide you with an accurate and informative review and details on some of the best Shave Clubs that are operating today;

In this review we will be concentrating mainly on the Razors and Blade replacements;

The Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club gives you the option to choose the frequency of your delivery, whether two or three times yearly or even once a month.
They give a discount when you purchase more products with your Shaving Set, and likewise offer grooming products such as facial care, oral care, but wipes, shower products, cologne, and a handy traveling toiletry bag.
You can purchase a once-off starter set with everything that you need to shave, which includes your shaving butter, razor, and razor blade cartridges.

Concerning Cartridges, you have a choice between the Humble Two blade set, the X4 set with four blades, or the Executive, which has six blades per cartridge.

Review Dollar Shave Club Humble Set

Razor and Cartridges used is the Humble Twin Cartridge Razor Blade

  • Price, including shipment, is the lowest of all the reviewed Shave Clubs Razors Blades.
  • You receive five cartridges per shipment.
  • Shaves well under the nose and other curves.
  • A smooth and comfortable shave with no irritation in most cases.
  • Extremely affordable and flexible service overall.
  • Unfortunately offers the least close shave of all the reviewed items.

Harry’s – Shave Club

Harry’s offer a shaving starter set which consists of a Cartridge blade razor with a comfortable, rubberized handle, a travel blade cover, and foaming shaving gel.
They do, however, not have other additional products, but you can customize your options when it comes to the number of blade cartridges, shaving gel.
You likewise have the option of receiving delivery, two monthly, three-monthly, or five monthly, to choose from.


Harry’s Shave Club offers a superior rubber grip five-blade cartridge razor.

  • A little more expensive for replacement cartridges per cartridge.
  • Sends out eight cartridges per shipment.
  • A good product on all measures.
  • Lovely foaming shaving gel that is good for your skin.
  • The blades offer a close and irritation-free shave.
  • You can shave easily under the nose and hard to reach areas.
  • The rubber grip ensures a much better gripping and does not slip out of your hands when wet or soapy.
  • Orders and packages are quite inflexible with not many options provided.
  • All in all, a good product on all accounts.

Gillette – Shave Club

Gillette is a much more widely known Razor brand than the rest of those we have reviewed.
Gillette offers a much larger variety of Razor Types for you to choose from, along with a range of shaving foams, gels, and aftercare products.

The Gillette club offers you a special where you get every fourth order for free when you subscribe to their club.

The Razor Blade Cartridges are available in a two, three, or five-bladed option.

We have done a review on their most sought after option in Razor and Blade Cartridges, the Fusion Pro-Shield Five Blade Cartridge Razor

  • You receive four cartridges at a time.
  • The package is quite expensive, as this is a luxury brand.
  • Extremely high rating for excellence on every account.
  • It offers the closest and smoothest shave.
  • Very few complaints about irritation.
  • Excellent design and quality.

The Defender® Shave Club

The Defender is a new name in innovative technology Razors and Cartridge Blades that have recently entered the market.
This new brand is fast making a name for itself as it is one of the very few brands that manufacture a dual-headed razor.
The Defender Shave Club offers you limited options with their online subscriptions, although this, in turn, is less hassle when it comes to choosing the right razor.
The Defender manufactures one razor type, with regular, sensitive, or extra sensitive cartridge blade option, each with three blades, then there is their Dual Headed Razor, which uses the same cartridges.
Because this design is ideal for any individual, you will not need many more options, and you can choose your won facial care products.

Review on the Defender Subscription Cartridges
After a Once off purchase of either your single or dual-headed Handle, you only need to subscribe for cartridges according to the time period you specify.

You will receive four cartridges per shipment.
Free shipping in the US.
Three Cartridge types to choose from for your skin type.
Blades on the Cartridges have ample space between them, which prevents pulling and tugging.
A pivoting head and flexible design that allows for easy and smooth shaving on all areas, particularly under the nose.
The smoothest and most comfortable shave you will get so far!
A closer, faster, and easier shave.
Superior design that does not slip, nick, or cut.
Very comfortable to use, highly effective.
Blades, with proper care, will last you surprisingly long.
Blades are reasonably priced, but worth it for their long-lasting features.
You will definitely save time between shaves with this one.

Is a Shave Club Really a Good Choice

Razor blades, particularly Cartridge blades, are expensive, and so are most grooming products and shaving creams and gels. With a Shaving Club, you basically cut out the middle man and pay much less, and in addition, when you buy bulk or particular products on special, you will still get discounts.

A shave club likewise takes time, effort, and hassle out of shopping and choosing grooming and shaving products. You also have a higher chance of getting precisely what you need from a Shave Club, whereas most stores may often be out of stock.

Shave Club or Not

If you are someone who enjoys shopping for your own products and like to inspect and look through different products in hand meticulously, then a Shave Club May not be for you.

Although, if you have limited time, and want to cut out the hassle and expense, then a Shave Club may just be the answer for you.

Easy online shopping, that costs less, and gets delivered to your door when, and how you need it.
As you can further see, from this article, I have rated some of the Top Budget-friendly Shave clubs and moved down to the more sought after Luxury brands.

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