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Many people prefer a close shaving razor, it might be that they have a rough facial hair.

In this article, we will discuss what are the best options in Close Shave Razors and also how the different types of razors compare.

Razors that Give the Closest Shave

Before we get into the best close shave razors, I want to discuss the different types of razors, in order of the ones that give the closest shave;

  • The Straight Razor – The straight razor has a metal blade and a handle, it is one of the sharpest and a more classic vintage type razor. The straight razor is usually used by most barbers as it gives the absolute closet shave you will find with any razor. However, the straight razor is not the easiest to use and most practical for everyone. It is also the most dangerous type of razor and one that you most easily get a cut or nick from.
  • Cartridge Razors – Cartridge razors are more modern razors that are a handle with a disposable cartridge inside that has two or more small blades, usually a moisturizing film, and a plastic or metal holder, as well as other safety features. This is a much safer razor option, and depending on the razor’s design, it gives the second closest shave of most razors, as technologies are used to improve the design for a closer shave.
  • Disposable Razors – Disposable razors are similar to cartridge razors in design, with the difference of having a fixed head. They are generally only for one or two uses before you need to dispose of them. Depending on the technology, they also give quite a close shave.
  • Electrical Razors – One of the worst razors to get the closest shave with is an electric razor. Electric razors have a blade and a motor, or they have a foil and rotary option. These are the two designs. They are safe, usually do not require water or shaving foam, and are much more convenient to use. However, they will give you the least close shave.

How to Get a Really Close Shave

Then again, a very close shave is not just up to your specific razor. You need to properly care for and protect your skin in order to get the most comfortable and closest shave, and here is how;

  • 1. Use a gentle cleanser on your face. First of all, cleanse your face and rinse with warm water to soften the skin and open the pores.
  • 2. Apply good shaving foam or gel compatible with your skin requirements, and apply it generously.
  • 3. Shave using light strokes, and do not place too much pressure on the razor. This is the razor’s job.
  • 4. Make sure that you rinse your razor properly after every few strokes to prevent hair and shaving product build-up.
  • 5. Always make sure that the blades on your razor are sharp and have not become dull. By keeping your razor dry after using the blades will generally last longer.
  • When you are done, use a good moisturizer or moisturizing aftershave lotion to hydrate and soften your skin and to prevent dryness.

Features of a Good Close Shave Razor

The Art of Shaving

  • Sharp Blades – Make sure that the razor’s blade is always sharp and has not become dull with time. Replace your razor blades regularly with good-quality blades that are sharp and effective.
  • Easy Grip Handle – The handle of your razor should provide a comfortable grip making it easier for you to hold the razor properly in order to get a closer shave.
  • Less Safety and Comfort Features – Most of the cartridge and disposable razors come with safety features such as protective wires to prevent nicks and cuts or moisturizing strips for comfort. These features usually prevent you from getting a close shave, so try to avoid them.
  • Two or More Blades – A plain cartridge or disposable razor with a more flexible head type and two or more blades are ideal for a close shave. This is if you do not want to opt for a straight razor.

Reviews:The Best Close Shave Razors

Below are some brand and models of razors that are ideal for a close shave;


  • The Art of Shaving is a premium brand that makes some of the best available straight razors if you want to go this route.
  • A straight razor will give you the cleanest possible shave.
  • The straight razor has a very clean and neat design, and the blade easily folds away.
  • The handle and entire design are steel and very hygenic.
  • It consists of durable and quality alloy steel.


  • Gillette as a brand has proven itself over and over as one of the best cartridge design razors.
  • What I love about the Pro-Glide razor is that it has five blades that give a much closer shave and much less friction.
  • The razor also has an enhanced Lubrastrip that lubricates the skin for a closer shave.
  • This is a full set that you get with the razor and additional replacement blades.


  • Although the packaging says it is a disposable razor, the Bic Hybrid is a razor that comes with six replacement heads in the package, and this is actually a set with 12 packages.
  • The Razor has five flexible blades for a much closer shave.
  • There is also a lubricating strip, and the handle has a comfortable ergonomic design for grip.
  • Bic is a quality brand that is a tad bit more affordable.


  • Here we have a Japanese brand Straight razor for a much closer shave from Artist Store.
  • The Straight Razor has a balanced, rounded edge on the shaving head for better blade exposure.
  • There is a silicon resin handle that is less slippery and has an ergonomic design.
  • The blades can be replaced, and it is very safe and simple to do so.


  • the Gillette Fusion Five is another top favorite from this brand for a closer shave.
  • The fusion five is a cartridge razor with replaceable heads.
  • This set includes replacement cartridges as well as a razor.
  • The heads have five blades and an anti-friction design with soft micro fins that help smooth and stretch the skin a bit. Before that, blades prepare the hairs to be cut.


  • Fro a good disposable razor for a closer shave, nothing comes as close as the Gilette Mach 3.
  • here you get a set of three full disposable razors.
  • The razor has three high-definition blades for easy glide and comfort.
  • There is a Lubra Strip that lubricates your skin for a closer and easier shave.
  • The handle is very ergonomic in design and offers a comfortable grip.

Index Table: Top Rated for Close Shave Razors

1The Art of Shaving Steel - Close Shave Straight Razor
  • Satainless Steel
  • Excellent Quality
  • Clean Design
The Art of Shaving98.2
2Gilette Pro Glide - Close Shave Cartridge Razor
  • Full Set
  • 5 Blades
  • Anti-Friction
3BIC Flex Hybrid - Close Shave Disposable Razor
  • Disposable Cartridges
  • Full Set
  • Prescision Edge Blades
4Feather Artist Club - Close Shave Straight Razor
  • Rounded Edge
  • Very Sharp
  • Black handle
5Gillette Fusion 5 - Close Shave Razor
  • Cartridge Design
  • Anti-Friction
  • Five Blades
6Gilette Mach 3 - Close Shave Disposable Razors
  • Three Disposables
  • Three Blades
  • Lubra Strip

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