The No Clogging Razor

The No Clog Razor is a new innovative design razor that is much easier to rinse and keep clean than most razors.

It will nog clog and become full with hair and shaving creams or gels, as the design allows for this to easily pass through with every rinse.

The blades are spaced further apart and have a pivoting action allowing hairs and shaving aids to pass through effortlessly with every rinse.

Benefits of the No Clog Razor

There are a few benefits that most no-clog razor designs offer today, above easy cleaning and rinsing;

  • Easy Reach – The design of most no-clog razors allow you to shave much easier, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Areas such as underneath your nose and the chin can be easily reached because no clog razors generally have very thin cartridges.
  • Safer Shaving – The No Clog razor also has a design to help prevent nicks and cuts, as well as irritation and razor burn. The blades are designed and uniquely embedded with safety guards to protect your skin when you shave.
  • No Pulling and Tugging – Because most no-clog razor blades have an unrestricted design that can pivot easily, they will generally not tug or pull at your skin.
  • No Friction – Most No Clog razors will have three or four gliding strips to reduce friction and make sure that every blade makes contact with your skin. Thus you have smoother gliding and much less friction.

Video Demonstration for The No-Clog Razor

In This video, the use and functions of a No Clog razor are Clearly demonstrated;

Customer Reviews on ‘No Clog’ Razor

In Conclusion

As you can see, the main function of the no-clog razor is to give you a quick and easy clean shave. Not having to hassle with unclogging your razor while shaving can save you much time and effort.

An unclogged razor is also a cleaner and safer razor to use, which gives you a much smoother and closer shave, with much less risk of irritation and razor burn.

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