Longest Lasting Razor Blades

There is no getting around this one; buying new razor blades, especially cartridges, is very expensive, and razor blades need to be replaced more often when you shave more regularly or have coarser hair.

As your razor blade becomes more and duller, you will start to notice pulling and tugging at your hair, and much less efficiency, with stubble left here and there.

Luckily with a few easy hacks and tricks, you can prolong your blade’s usefulness and sharpness or sharpen an already dull blade.

Rusting Razor of Harry’s Shave Club

Apparently, many of Harry’s Razors suffer from rusting very quickly, as you can see below, reported by those who tried their razor.

When Should You Change Your Razor Blades

The argument here is quite diverse, as every type of razor blade, every brand, and depending on the user will affect the time frame in which a blade will stay sharp.

Depending on how often you shave and how coarse and dense your beard is, you should be able to get around 5-10 shaves out of a good quality brand razor, except for a few.

Some razors will only give you around three to four uses.

In the end, this adds up to around just over two weeks on average.

Preserving Your Razor Blade

If you take some time to give a little TLC to your razor and follow these simple steps, you are sure to get much more use out of a single blade for much longer;

Longer Lasting Blades - Storage - Prevention

  • Make sure to thoroughly clean and scrub your razor to get rid of all soap scum and stubble after each use.
  • Rinse your razor in warm water to remove all soap and leftover skin or hair.
  • One of the fastest ways to wear out your razor blade and let it rust is to leave it wet. Painstakingly dry your razor blade from head to toe.
  • Dipping your razor blade in a dish of rubbing alcohol causes any excess water to evaporate when it hits the air, and additionally, it likewise sanitizes your razor blade.
  • Make sure always to store your razor blade and a dry area, where no steam, humidity, or water splashes can wet your razor.
  • If you can store your razor in a sealable container, preferably plastic, you can even set it in a cup of silicone beads or gel or store it in your freezer between uses.

Sharpening and Reusing Your Old Razor Blade

And when it comes to the part we were all waiting for, and, yes, you can re-sharpened all those dull blades lying around in your bathroom cabinet.

Here is a video to explain how you can easily resharpen a razor blade;

Another question that I hear quite a bit is if you can sharpen a disposable razor blade, which you can, but there’s a catch.
A disposable razor blade will not work at all if it is clogged up with hair and soap scum, so you will need to clean these blades after every use and make sure to dry them properly, as well as sharpen them after every use.

You can easily sharpen a disposable razor blade by quickly running them down a pair of jeans pants legs around 10 – 15 times; make sure to wipe away from you.

Unfortunately, when it comes to disposable razor blades, you will need to do this after every use.

Another good tip to keep your razor blades in tip-top shape that I have come across is to put some baby oil on them; this similarly will prevent rust and help to loosen any stubble or skin particles that are still stuck between the blades.

Lifespan of Cartridge, Electrical and Safety Razors

But let’s go a bit further into the general lifespan and some other details of every type of razor blade, the Cartridge; Electrical and Safety Razor

Cartridge Razor Blades

longer Lasting Blades - Cartridge Razor blades

Do not confuse this one with your disposable razors that are a single-piece razor. Your Cartridge razor has an ejectable razor blade head, as you can see in the picture.

This system allows you to keep the handle and regularly replace the head.
Unfortunately, the razor blades or heads for Cartridge razors are quite expensive; sometimes, the blades are even more expensive than the entire razor.

A good quality Cartridge razor should last you around 30 shaves, taken that you do take care of your razors.
In most cases, I would say with rough and irresponsible use, not more than 20 shaves from a good quality brand.

Safety Razor

longer Lasting Blades - Safety Razor blades

I have included a picture of the old-fashioned vintage-styled Safety Razor, although some more advanced and modern designs are available for you to choose from today.

The Safety Razor has blades that are significantly shorter than those found in both Cartridge and Electrical Razors. These blades are reasonably cheap to replace and generally do not last very long.
You can get around six shaves out of a good quality Safety razor brand or about a week of use if you shave regularly.

Electrical Razor

longer Lasting Blades - Electrical Razor blades

When it comes to Electrical Razors, every brand has a manufacturer’s recommendation for when you should change the blades.
For example, Braun, one of the top brands in electric razors, recommends that their razor heads be changed every 18 months.

Electrical Razors are very expensive, yet highly efficient and handy to use without shaving cream or water, or with if you prefer. Replacing the blades is just as costly, although the blades need replacing MUCH less than any other razor type.

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In Conclusion

Well, in the end, I hope I have helped you to not only prolong the life of your favorite razor blade but likewise save some money with these easy tips and tricks to extend the life of your Razor Blades.

As you can see, every type of razor has its pros and cons, and the lifespan and cost of such usually differ immensely.

When you choose your next Razor, consider this, and remember, with a little TLC, even your razors will last longer and perform better.

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