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Head shaving kits come in all shapes and sizes, making it a dilemma to choose one over another. Besides, you have to look out for many additional features to ensure that your investment into a kit serves you well and for long.

Therefore, we found the best bald head kits from Amazon and compiled their most outstanding features for you to have a quick read. Besides, we also have a few additional pieces of information that will help improve your head shaving regime.

What to Look for in a Head Shaving Kit?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many types of head-shaving kits available. Yet, only a few can fulfill all your requirements. Just so that you do not skip an essential item, here are a few buying considerations for you.

  • Size – Depending on the purpose of your need for a shave kit, you can choose a suitable size for the kit. For instance, if you will use the kit at home, you may go for a versatile groomer. In case you need a travel kit, go for the most portable one.
  • Accessories – Choose the kind of accessories with care. Besides, look for the kind of blade, shaving brush for bald head, and other things so that none of the accessories go to waste.
  • Quality – The quality of the bald head kit accessories is also worth noticing. Also, look for the kind of grip, material, and other attachments.

Benefits of Shaving your Head

We are not aware of the reason behind your decision to go bald or if you even had a choice. But we do have some cool benefits of going bald that you may still not be aware of. Have a look!

  • A Hair Loss Solution – Getting rid of all the hair is also a solution against hair loss problems. You will no longer have to go from pillar to post and try new ways to get that back.
  • Improves Personality – A smoothly shaved head is always better than ahead with a U-shaped patch of hair. It also helps make you look younger as no hair means no patches of greying hair.
  • Enhances your outlook – Many studies have proven that men with bald heads tend to look smarter and more intelligent than their haired counterparts. The world is full of many millionaires and billionaires that have no hair on their heads.

Do you know that women’s shaving kit are also very popular? Check the link to know why!

Head Shaving Tips and Advice

The result of a shave depends a lot on the way you carry out the process. For instance, the time you leave the cream on or the direction of the shave. So here are a few ignored steps and tips that will help you get a better-shaved head. Your hair and the skin will become a bit more soft as well as the chances of razor burns also reduce.

  • Shower before shaving – Irrespective of technology improvements, a little prep ensures a better shave. Even if it looks like a fuss, try and shower for softer hair that will shave off faster.
  • Mirror Matters – having a comfortable view of your shaving area is another aspect of importance. Especially when you are shaving your head, get a good mirror that gives you a 360-degree view of your head.
  • Schedule your shaves – Though the interval between two shaves varies from person to person, one must have a fixed schedule to shave so that the hair grows just the right length for a quick and quality shave.
  • Treat Dryness – Especially people with bald heads tend to ignore the scalp’s requirements exposed to the dust and sun. As a result, their skin goes dry and scaly, but the sooner you treat it, the better.

Reviews: Best Head Shaving Kits

We have listed below the best head shaving kits for you. But before you move forward, we would like to inform you that for purchases made through the links on this page, we may earn a part of the profits.

Reviewed by: John Max Score: 97

  • The ATX Men’s Shaving kit by Headblade includes 8ozHeadslick cream, Shaver, along HB4 refill blades.
  • The 8oz shaving cream will easily last you for more than a couple of months.
  • And since it is non-electric, you can use it almost anywhere without looking for an electric socket.
  • Besides, the shaving cream and blades work together to give you a butter-smooth glide on your face and head.
  • Though the only downside is that this kit comes without a carrying pouch, you will have to buy extra.

  • Remington’s PG525 Head Shaving kit is an all-rounder with nine cool attachments, including a shaver, a variety of trimmers for head, nose, body, etc., plus a few hair clippers combs as well.
  • Additionally, since it is chargeable and cordless, you can enjoy up to 70 minutes of shaving on one full charge.
  • Even the blades that come along are self-sharpening and use the hair’s friction to renew their sharpness.
  • Besides, this groomer kit also comes with a two-year limited warranty, with additional characteristics like being washable.
  • The blades are of a surgical grade so that you know!

  • Sminiker rings one of the most versatile head-shaving kits, which also doubles as a truly versatile groomer.
  • With more than a dozen accessories, like a shaver, clippers, trimmers, scissors, charging adapter, brush, comb, and many others, you can take care of all the hair on your head, face, and body.
  • Most of the attachments are washable and thus easy to clean.
  • Besides, you have full power to adjust your hair’s size or have a smooth, shaved head.
  • It also brings along a manicure set, which is a gift with this head-shaving kit.

  • Here is an elegant head-shaving kit by the Viking Revolution for old-school and classic shaving and contains all that one may need for shaving.
  • The contents include a razor, ten blades, a shaving brush, pre-shaving oil, shaving soap, aftershave balm, and a razor stand.
  • And yes, it comes with a cool black case, with allocated spaces for each attachment. So it will be equally cool to carry it on a trip or gifting to your dear ones.

  • Another great head-shaving kit that is compact and comes with a sturdy pouch that you may carry anywhere and everywhere.
  • It comes with a razor, a badger hair brush, shave stand, shave soap, Astra razor blades, stainless steel shaving bowl, alum block, and a canvas and leather Dopp kit.
  • Besides, the premium shave soap is 100% natural, with ingredients like vegetable glycerine, coconut, and palm oil. Plus, it is anti-comedogenic, making it safe for all skin types.
  • The Gentleman Jon Alum Kit helps in fighting razor burns.
  • This premium head-shaving kit will surely last you longer than you expect it to.

  • One of the handiest head-shaving kits out there, it will easily fit even in your trouser pocket.
  • It also ensures a close shave with its double edge safety razors, which you may feel free to reuse.
  • The kit also comes with a stand and five replacement blades, which you can easily change, thanks to the butterfly design of the razor.
  • The razor also has a firm grip, and the brand offers a lifetime warranty on this head-shaving kit.
  • Besides, the stainless steel design is also classic and won’t rust. The travel container is also quite sturdy and easy to carry.

Index Table: Top-Rated Head Shaving Kits

1HeadBlade ATX - Non Electric Head Shaving Kits
  • Faster
  • Classic
2Remington PG525 - Head Shaving Kits
  • Cordless
  • Lithium battery
3SMINIKER Multi-functional - Waterproof Bald Shaving Kit
  • Several Accessories
  • High precision
4Viking Revolution Platinum - Luxury Shaving Kit for Head
  • Gifting option
  • Lightweight
Viking Revolution98
5Gentleman Jon Deluxe - Wet Shaving Kit for Head
  • Compact
  • Premium quality
Gentleman Jon97
6ELKALINE Pocket Size - Head Shaving Kits
  • Economic
  • Stainless steel

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