Best Exfoliator For Bald Head

Shaving your head may get tricky due to the different contours of the head. Choose the best exfoliator for a bald head to prepare the scalp skin for shaving.

There are several natural nourishing scrubs available to remove the dead skin. Keep on reading to learn more.

Buying Considerations For Exfoliator For Bald Head

An exfoliator should be gentle yet effective on the skin. We have listed some major things to keep in mind before choosing an exfoliator for the head.

  • Skin Type – Learn about your skin type to choose the best exfoliator for best results. Pick an all-skin types variant if you do not feel sure about your skin type. If your skin gets red and bumpy, choose a gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin.
  • Ingredients – You may find different ingredients such as aloe vera, coffee grounds, walnut grounds, jojoba seed, lime, and mint in your bald head exfoliators.
  • Packaging – There are different packaging such as tubes, pump bottles, and jars. A pump bottle is more convenient to dispense the scrub.
  • Intensity – You may choose from deeply exfoliating or gentle scrubs depending upon your skin type. Jojoba seed oil beads are more gentle on the skin in comparison to walnut shells

Benefits Of Exfoliator For Bald Head

It may seem like an additional step in your shaving, but it will make a huge result in the results. Here are some ways you may benefit from exfoliating your head.

  • Smooth Scalp – Aside from exfoliator, we also have this shaving cream for bald head to help your scalp feel more smoother as the scrub will remove dead cells and flaky skin from the surface.
  • Close Shave – The razor will glide smoothly on the surface and provide a closer and cleaner shave.
  • No Bumps – Your head will be free from any bumps and ingrown hair from the skin. So, you can sport your bald head with more confidence.
  • Save Time – You will spend less time shaving and not need to shave one area several times, which will save time.

Features Of A Good Exfoliator

Choose a scrub that is less abrasive to the skin. Here are some of the important features to look for in a good exfoliator.

  • Easy-Clean – The scrub should be easily washable so that it does not obstruct shaving.
  • Effective – See that the formulation is effective in working on the skin for an even removal of dead skin.
  • Non-Comedogenic – It should be non-comedogenic to prevent your pores from clogging.
  • Nourishing – Look for a nourishing scrub so that the skin does not feel dry after shaving.

Reviews: Best Exfoliator For Bald Head

We have listed some most effective Exfoliator For Bald Head with their features for you to choose from. We’d also like to inform you that we shall earn a small commission with every purchase made through the links in the article.

Reviewed by: John Max Score: 99

  • Get the Bee Bald pre-shave exfoliator to smoothen your head for best results before shaving.
  • It has a deeply nourishing and cleansing effect on the skin as it removes the dead skin cells.
  • Moreover, it removes flaky skin and bumps from the skin for a closer shave.
  • It also lifts the hair to make it easier to shave them without going over one area repeatedly.
  • Your skin will no longer have ingrown hair and shaving marks with regular exfoliation.

  • Pick the Mountaineer deep cleaning exfoliating scrub with all-natural ingredients.
  • It has the goodness of olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and bentonite clay.
  • The scrub helps clean pores from dirt and oil, along with dead skin cells.
  • Moreover, the natural abrasiveness is gentle to the skin and leaves the skin smooth.
  • It is ideal for sensitive skin types as the natural formula is safe and causes no irritation.

  • Get the HeadBlade pre-shave scrub with the goodness of walnut to remove dead skin from the surface.
  • Also, it helps in preparing and softening the hair for a closer and quick shave.
  • You will experience less abrasive skin, and the razor will glide smoothly over the hair.
  • Moreover, it reduces and removes the ingrown hair for a smooth bald head after the shave.
  • The scrub has fine ground walnuts, so it is safe for all skin types without causing any skin irritation.
  • HeadBlade HeadShed 5 ounces is the first step of the HeadBlade Shaving Routine.

  • The Skullskape scrub is specifically made for bald heads to remove dead cells and dirt.
  • It has the toxin removing charcoal ingredients in the formulation to clean the pores.
  • Moreover, it has refreshing green tea and mint to give a deep cleansing effect on the skin.
  • The thick formulation of the scrub requires a small amount to exfoliate your head.
  • Your pores will feel cleaner with regular application and promote a closer shave.

  • Consider the Viking Revolution microdermabrasion scrub to have a squeaky clean scalp before a shave.
  • It cleanses the dirt and removes all the oil buildup from the pores for clear skin.
  • Moreover, the formulation is suitable for all skin types and helps in eliminating acne.
  • The scrub also helps the shave cream work better with the razor.
  • Besides, with the smoothening effect, the skin will get nourished and feel softer after each use.

  • The Brickell pumice head exfoliator has coffee extracts to scrub your scalp gently.
  • This organic scrub has jojoba beads which help in removing the dead skin cells with no irritation.
  • Moreover, the scrub unclogs the pores from sebum and ingrown hair to provide a smooth shaving base.
  • It also has vitamin E to nourish the skin and prevent any cuts deeply.
  • Include this at least twice a week in your shaving routine to see the difference in results.

Index Table: Top-Rated Exfoliator For Bald Head

1Bee Bald Deep-Nourish - Pre-Shave Exfoliator
  • Anti-Clog
  • Smoothening
Bee Bald99
2Mountaineer Natural - Deep Cleaning Exfoliator
  • Fresh
  • Balancing
3HeadBlade Walnut - Pre-Shave Head Scrub
  • Fine Ground
  • Beeswax
4Skullskape Charcoal - Skull Scrub
  • Green Tea
  • Mint
5Viking Revolution Microdermabrasion - Squeaky Clean Scrub
  • All-Skin
  • 2-Pack
Viking Revolution96
6Brickell Coffee Extract - Pumice Head Exfoliator
  • Jojoba Beads
  • Organic

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