Best Aftershave for a Bald Head

Just as you enjoy the refreshing feel and scent of a good aftershave on your face, you may want to have the same experience after shaving your bald head.

Your face needs good care after shaving, and so does your head.

So look no further to find out about the best available shaving balms for a bald head.

Taking Care of a Bald Head

Just as you would take care of a full head of hair, or even your face, you need to take care of a bald head, and here are some reasons why;

  • Dryness – Similar to your face and body, you will also need moisturization and hydration for your bald head, as the skin here can become dry quickly. Keep in mind that the sun beats down on your bald head, and it is faced with all elements, which in turn may dry out your skin. So do invest in a good moisturizer or moisturizing aftershave balm for your bald head.
  • Sunburn – The sun will particularly burn your bald head, as it is the area of your body that gets the most sun when you stand or sit. So I would advise using proper sunscreen when you go outside to cover your head, to prevent excessive sunburn.
  • White Patches – Some people experience white patches on the skin on their bald head, which could also be caused by the sun. Finding a good product to prevent this and also an effective High SPF sunscreen will help.
  • Dirt – As with your face and the rest of your body, your bald head does not have hair for protection or to keep it clean, so you will need to regularly wash your bald head with a mild soap or shampoo.
  • Dandruff – Many people still experience dandruff even if their head is shaved bald. This could be because of excessive oil production, and in turn, dryness, so a good anti-dandruff treatment or cleanse is advised.

Aftershave for Your Bald Head

A good aftershave balm or lotion for your bald head adds a finishing touch as well as much needed hydration and moisturization to keep the skin healthy.

Depending on your skin concerns, you will need to choose an aftershave balm carefully to cater to your needs.

An aftershave balm or lotion is recommended rather than an aftershave liquid because it is much less drying and provides nourishment for the scalp and skin rather than just infusing it with fragrance and refreshment.

Your scalp needs a different approach from your face after shaving and needs much more moisture in turn, and that is why an aftershave balm is quite important after your shaving routine.

Features of a Good Aftershave for a Bald Head


  • Ingredients – Look out for moisturizing ingredients such as aloe, glycerine, and Shea butter in a good aftershave for your head. Also, look for a balm that contains antioxidants for sun protection and chamomile that calms the skin. Natural scented or fragrance-free aftershave balms are less drying and better to use on your head. Keep in mind that you do get all-natural products containing only natural and organic ingredients, and also synthetic products that are mostly synthetic with some natural ingredients.
  • Good Quality Products – Opt for quality, well-known brands that you can trust, with healthy ingredients. I would rather invest a bit more into a quality brand product than go for something cheaper that may not be as effective and safe. Moisturizing ingredients and hydrating ingredients are ideal, also look for products with natural scents rather than synthetic and that do not contain mineral oils or alcohol.
  • Low Alcohols – Always opt for products with no alcohols as this is quite drying, especially on a bald head.
  • Skin Concern – Make sure you choose your aftershave balm according to your skin concerns. If you have oily skin, opt for a non-greasy and non-comedogenic balm. For dandruff, get a balm that is specifically designed for dandruff. For a dry scalp, opt for a more moisturizing and thicker balm that contains ingredients such as shea butter or beeswax for protection.

Reviews: The Best Aftershave for a Bald Head

In our list, we have the best available aftershave balms for a bald head that caters to all skin concerns;


  • from Bee Bald, we have a soothing and healing aftershave balm ideal for your bald head.
  • It has natural ingredients and botanicals that accelerate relief and that restore the balance of your skin.
  • The balm is ideal for damaged skin and bumps, it can also be used on other areas and women.
  • The balm will provide immediate and effective relief after shaving your head.


  • From the Henna Guy, we have a sandalwood scented aftershave for your bald head.
  • The aftershave is a non-greasy formula with natural ingredients.
  • It will absorb fast and provide good hydration.
  • Ideal for moisturization and also to prevent bumps and razor burn.

  • The Dom Chrom aftershave is designed specifically for a bald head.
  • It contains many natural ingredients, including aloe, that are ideal for the skin.
  • The aftershave moisturizes, nourishes, and refreshes your skin.
  • Peppermint oil refreshes the skin while Oat has a soothing effect.


  • The bee bald Polish is and Aftershave Polish for your bald head.
  • It is very ideal for people with more dry skin that needs a good barrier.
  • The Balm contains natural and soothing ingredients.
  • It also creates a natural shine to your bald head.


  • The Handsome Traveller aftershave for a bald head has a more calming effect for irritated skin.
  • It is a gentle formula that is enriched with sandalwood and moisturizers.
  • It will also help to eliminate razor Burns and contains many organic ingredients.
  • The formula is highly moisturizing and ideal for dry and sensitive skin.


  • From HeadBlade, we have a bald head aftershave that also provides a lasting shine.
  • It hydrates, moisturizes, and soothes dry and brittle skin,
  • You will have a smooth and shiny scalp.
  • It is also scented with soothing lavender and contains Shea Butter as well as tea tree oil to prevent bumps.

Index Table: Top Rated Aftershave for a Bald Head

1Bee Bald Heal - Aftershave for a Bald Head
  • Non-Irritating
  • Moisturizing
  • Natural
Bee Bald98.3
2The Henna Guy’s Store Sandalwood - Bald Head Aftershave
  • Scented
  • Soothing
  • Moisturizing
The Henna Guy’s Store97.8
3Dom Chrom After Chrom - Bald Head Aftershave
  • Soothes Razor Burn
  • Water Based
  • Moisturizes
Dom Chrom97
4Bee Bald Polish Natural - Aftershave for a Bald Head
  • Soothing
  • Natural
  • Beeswax Base
Bee Bald Polish97.7
5Handsome Traveler Post Shave - Bald Head Aftershave
  • Gentle
  • Moisturizing
  • Organic Ingredients
Handsome Traveler97
6HeadBlade Glossy - Aftershave for a Bald Head
  • SPF
  • Moisturizing
  • Lavender Scent

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