How to Prevent Pulling and Tugging While Shaving

If you are an individual who shaves regularly, particularly with a multi-bladed cartridge, then you may know the inherent facial hair is pulling and tugging with your shaving routine.

Though it may not always occur regularly, it is still a great irritation and quite painful when you do experience it every now and again.

Therefore, in this article I would like to explain why pulling and tugging occurs when you shave fully, and exactly how you can effectively prevent it from occurring.

Why Does my Razor Pull and Tug

The question at hand, Why does my razor pull and tug at my facial hair.
Well, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but that is exactly the purpose of any cartridge razor, to pull and tug at your facial hair, and how?

Cartridge razors are aimed at eliminating as much as possible hairs with one single stroke, which in the end saves you a couple of minutes when shaving. The multiple blades of the cartridge razor have a method of working in tandem to swipe across the hairs; then the first blade snatches the hair pulling it away from the skin, while the subsequent blades slice off these taut hairs.

This process repeats over a thousand times as you shave your face, and depending on your technique and when you shave, the tugging and pulling may be mild or much more fierce.

What you similarly often have experienced is that such pulling and tugging often results in razor bumps and irritation, which can be even more frustrating. Extensive pulling and tugging of your facial hair when shaving is by no means good for your skin and should be avoided altogether if possible. Irritating the skin on your face can later result is unwanted blemishes and rashes, that could have been easily avoided.

Fortunately I am here to tell you that there are a few tips and tricks to help you prevent this painful phenomenon;

Preventing Pulling and Tugging

here are a few very simple and quick solutions to prevent the uncomfortable l and irritating pulling and tugging when you shave with any standard multi-blade cartridge;

  • Better preparation is key; make sure you cleanse and warm up your face before shaving.
  • The wetter your face, the less tugging and pulling you are likely to experience.
  • You will need to shave more often, as you have most likely noticed, the longer your facial hair, the more it tugs and pulls.
  • Buy a better type of razor, or rather opt for a safety or straight razor.
  • Use the proper technique, short and focused swipes are much better than long across the face strokes.

Best Razor Types to Prevent Pulling and Tugging

When it comes down to pulling and tugging as you are shaving, plenty of blame is to be placed on your razor blades. Take a good look at the design of your blades, if they are spaced very closely and tightly together, then you are surely much more likely to suffer pulling and tugging episodes.

The right razor can easily prevent pulling and tugging, should the blades have a generous amount of space between each blade.

I have used this video from the Defender razor blade brand which shows how more space between blades helps to prevent pulling and tugging;

On the other hand, your other best possibility is to skip the cartridge razor, and if you are brave to go for a straight razor, although for sensitive skin, I would recommend a Safety razor.

A straight razor will give you a comfortable and very close shave, which are its main benefits, but nicks, cuts, and rashes with this type of razor may be an issue. Once again, with proper technique and prepping, this can be escaped.

Then again, a safety razor has plenty of built-in safeguards to prevent nicks and cuts, and in some cases, a lubricating or moisturizing strip that helps lessen irritation and dryness, unfortunately getting a very close shave with this one might be challenging.

A single blade razor or safety razor is much more gentle on your skin and glides smoothly without pulling and tugging. This way, you will also prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs from forming.

Shaving Technique to Prevent Pulling and Tugging

As I have said in my list of tips to prevent tugging and pulling, your shaving technique is another large factor when it comes to pulling and tugging facial hair.

As with most things in life, technique is everything, and poor technique will lead to some undesired consequences. When it comes to shaving, those consequences add up to bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burns, as well as the discomfort of pulls and tugs to your facial hair.

So if you really want a smoother and more comfortable shave, it is time to step up your technique;

It is quite simple, SLOW, CAREFUL STROKES, moving systematically over your entire face, and shaving WITH THE GRAIN. Use a good shaving foam and a sharp blade, using gentle and light pressure and touch.

In the end, when it comes to shaving short and light, swipes are much better than those long hard strokes that you usually see on commercials, even they have it wrong. Consistency here is key; keep to light and carefully short bursts and rinse your razor blade often after every stroke, preferably.

In this video you will see the correct shaving method to prevent pulling, tugging and other shaving irritations and issues;

In the End

While a good razor with the right type of blades should do the trick, prepping your face before shaving and your shaving technique is just as important.

Who knows, maybe by just taking some time to improve your technique, you may be able to prevent pulling and tugging completely.

On the other hand, if you like your cartridge razors, you can always try one with ample spacing between the blades, such as the Defender Razor, which is one of my favorites.

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