The 4 Myths of Shaving

Four common shaving habits that are bad for your skin

#1. Cold Water Shave

Despite what your grandpa said to you about shaving with cold water back when he was “your age.”

The truth is that shaving with cold water can cause shaving irritation.

Here’s Why:
Coldwater causes your pores to close up, making the hair more difficult to be removed.

Cold water should only be used at the end of your shave when you’re fully rinsed off.

#2. Dry Shaving

Dry shaving will most definitely leave you with razor burn and irritation and leads to damaging the skin.

Here’s Why:
First, shaving when your skin is dry will dull your razor blades fast.
Secondly, you end up shaving more of the oils and debris left on your skin.

#3. Razor Blade System

It’s arguable that 5 or 6 blades work better.
Recent research shows that 5-6 blades really aren’t necessary for getting a better shave.

Preparing the skin is really where a good shave begins.

A three-blade system is best for men with sensitive skin.

#4. Soap as Shaving Lather

The lather from the soap is made up mostly of glycerin and agents that strip the skin of oil.

Shaving oil and creams contain ingredients that create a buffer between your skin and the razor blade.

It gives a great slippery surface so that your razor has a better glide and protects your skin from being stripped of its oils.

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