How to Treat and Prevent Shaving Nicks and Cuts

Everyone that shaves knows the unpleasant and painful part of this process which is Nicks and Cuts. This is inevitable, and somewhere along the line you are bound to suffer a Nick or Cut when shaving, no matter who you are or how good your technique is.

While shaving Nicks and Cuts are rarely very serious, they still need to be treated, and on the contrary can be prevented. A good and high quality razor, that is comfortable for you to use, is your best weapon in defense against Nicks and Cuts!

Nicks and Cuts on Face

What Causes Shaving Nicks and Cuts

There are a few major causes when it comes to Nicks and cuts;

  • Not preparing or cleansing your skin before shaving, and never exfoliating your skin to get rid of build up is one of the most common causes.

  • Not using shaving cream or using a low-quality shaving cream that irritates your skin, or is ineffective.

  • Your razor may likewise be the problem, it may be either too advanced or the opposite. A good safety razor with two or three blades is all you need.

  • After shaving your skin is very sensitive, and if you already have a Nick or Cut, a good aftershave will help to heal such, as well as irritation.

Treating Minor Nicks and Cuts

We all know how much a Nick or Cut can bleed, and how painful it can sometimes be, so for fast relief, and to stop the bleeding In its tracks, here are a few quick and easy tips;

  • A very old fashion tradition is to stick small pieces of toilet paper on the cuts, which works, but takes some time. Just don’t forget to remove the toilet paper before leaving your home.

  • An ice cube applied to the affected area can help to stop the bleeding and also reduce swelling from irritation.

  • A cloth with warm water, on the contrary can stop the bleeding and cauterize the wound.

  • Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that likewise constricts blood vessels to relieve bleeding and prevent infection.

  • Balm or Vaseline has a waxy consistency which seals the cut and forces blood to clot.

  • If you do not have any of these at hand, your roll on antiperspirant or deodorant contains aluminum chloride which can help to stanch the bleeding, or you can splash some mouthwash such as Listerine which is an antiseptic on the cut.

  • Then there is the old trusted home remedy of using sugar, to stop the bleeding and draw out infection from the wound.

These are some excellent home remedies and solutions that are easy and easy to come by when you need to stop bleeding and disinfect a Nick or Cut. Though there are also plenty of over the counter and pharmaceutical remedies that you can ask for at your local drug store, that may be even more effective and safe to use.

Preventing Shaving Nicks and Cuts

As they always say “Prevention is better than Cure”, well, here are a few preventative measures;

Likewise, you can follow this step by step video for the best tips on prevent Nicks and Cuts when shaving:

  • Start with a good skincare regime and prepare your skin before shaving, by exfoliating and taking a warm shower to open the pores.

  • Use a high-quality shave cream and use an effective amount of such.

  • Make sure that the razor you are using is right for you, look for multiple blades, a flexible head and neck, or use a sensitive razor.

  • Make sure you sharpen or replace your blades efficiently.

  • Watch your technique, short gentle strokes, no pressure and reapply your shave cream as needed.

  • A good aftershave seals the deal, it refreshes and moisturizes your skin, while acting as a disinfectant and astringent to prevent irritation and rash from developing!

What to Look for in a Razor to Prevent Nicks and Cuts

Shaving Nicks and Cuts three Blade Razor

One of the most important factor to prevent Nicks and Cuts is of course the quality and design of your razor, with this regard, every individual is different so you need to find a razor that suits YOU best!

Here are a few features to look out for in a good razor to prevent Nicks and Cuts;

Just as any good and accomplished artist will not use cheap brushes or paints, so you should not use poor quality razors;

Safety Razors

A safety razor has a double-edge where the blade is locked at a safe angle and only it’s very edge is exposed to prevent nicks and cuts. Although this is a great choice for beginners, and to prevent nicks and cuts, it is rather limited when it comes to shaving around angular parts of your face.

Embedded Safety Guards

I have seen a razor that features an embedded safety guard, while still enabling you to shave easily around curves, without the limitation of a locked blade.


A razor with a flexible neck or unrestricted pivoting ensure much better control and allows you to easily reach those hard to reach areas, without the risk of Nicks and Cuts.

In Conclusion

When it comes to Nicks and cuts, there are a few preventative measures, although somewhere along the line you may still experience such an incident, luckily the treatments are quick, and easy at hand.

A good razor is your tool for shaving, as a good paintbrush is a tool to an artist, I have come across many safety razors and three blade razors each with their positive and negative features. For the most part, safety razors are the best choice when you need to prevent Nicks and Cuts, although I have noticed that they do not give the closest shave, and are hard to use along certain angles and curves of your face.

One that stood out to me is the Defender Three Blade Razor, which allows superb unrestricted pivoting, and also has embedded safety guards, so you will still get all the safety measures, without the limitations.

Customers’ Reviews of the Defender Razor – Regarding Cuts and Nicks While Using It

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