Shaving Under The Nose

We all know that the mustache area right underneath your nose, one of the most intricate and difficult areas on your face to shave. To makes things worse, this area tends to be hypersensitive, making it a challenge to shave smoothly and evenly.

Like any other shaving routine, good preparation is a must, especially for shaving under your nose; for the rest, here are some great tips and methods to do so easily and without any nicks, cuts, or irritation.

The Problem with Shaving Under Your Nose

Before we get to the tips and methods, let us first understand why it is so darn difficult to shave under your nose.

The answer is simple: your mustache area has many small curves, it is sensitive, and your nose casts a shadow over this area. So not only is it hard to see this area, you likewise need to be careful with the lines and curves, not to cut or nick yourself.

Some Tips to Help You Shave Under Your Nose

But just before all hope is lost and you feel overwhelmed again, here are some great tips to follow to make shaving under the nose a painless breeze.

  • Use many directions when you shave; you may even shave against the grain.
  • Push your nose up and sideways to get a better view.
  • Pull your upper lip towards your tin to tighten it and flatten some of the curves.
  • You can likewise pull your upper lip side to side on the opposite side that you are shaving.
  • Make sure to use ample and quality shaving foams, gels, or creams.
  • Exfoliate your face before shaving.
  • Use a flexible and sharp razor.

Steps on How to Shave Under your Nose

Still not convinced, well here are some step by step methods for shaving under your nose;

Shaving Downwards

Once you have finished with your pre-shave routine and applied your shave product of choice, leave your upper lip for shaving last. Curl your top lip downwards to tighten the skin and shave downwards from right under your nose.
Use short and brisk strokes with the grain.

Shave Outwards

This is not recommended for the rest of your face as it may cause bumps and ingrown hairs, but with your upper lip and under the nose, multiple passes are required.
Now position the razor in the middle of your upper lip, right under your nose, in a horizontal position, and shave sideways. Do this on every side of your lip.

Shave Inwards

Now you will repeat the previous step but in reverse. Shave from the outside of your upper lip to the inside. Shave each side, with the razor still in a horizontal position. If your face starts to feel dry by this stage, reapply your shaving product for better lubrication.


Before you are done shaving, you may notice a few awkward hairs still sticking out. This is where a trimmer or razor with a built-in trimmer, which most new models have, comes in handy.


Rinse your face and upper lip thoroughly with cold water.
Gently apply some alcohol-free aftershave to your face and upper lip for good moisturization.

Find a Good Razor

In the video, I have chosen a new and highly innovative brand in Razors, the Defender, manufactured with specific features to target those hard to reach areas under the nose;

Trouble Shaving Under the Nose?- Watch the video and learn how the Defender razor design help to easily and accurately reach under your nose.- Learn even more on our advanced blade technology:

Posted by Defender Razor on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some good features to look for in a Razor that will effectively and safely remove ALL hair under the nose;

  • Look for a razor blade cartridge with three or more blades.
  • Make sure the blades are spaced far away from each other to prevent pulling and tugging.
  • Independent suspension in your blades, such as with the Defender, will help to reach hard-to-reach curves.
  • Unrestricted pivoting ensures better control at all angles.
  • Make sure the Razor handle offers a good grip.
  • The thinner the Cartridge, the easier it to trim under your nose.

  • Safety guards on your blades will protect you from nicks and cuts as well as irritation.
  • A blade with some form of moisture strips may glide much easier.

Razor Blade Care

A blunt or dirty and unmaintained razor is never a healthy or effective one. Trying to shave hard-to-reach areas, such as under your nose with a clogged up or blunt razor, will only irritate and not remove much of the unwanted hair.

Therefore, always ensure that you meticulously clean your razor after every shave, making sure to remove stubble, shaving product, and skin cell build-up effectively. You can gently scrub the blades with a brush or wipe them with a cloth.

Rinse your blade with warm water and ensure that you dry it properly. A wet razor may become rusted and blunt much easier. A great method is to dip your razor into some rubbing alcohol, which dries it out quickly and disinfects the blade.

Last but not least, your razor and blades need to be stored in a dry or sealed container or cabinet, where no moisture or germs can come into contact with it. A safe and clean razor and blades will give you a much more effective and healthy shave, particularly under the nose!

In Conclusion

By following these tips and investing in a good quality razor with some of the features I have mentioned, you will not just be able to shave under your nose easily but likewise, get a smoother and more comfortable shave.

As I have mentioned, the Defender Razor has some excellent features that all aid in shaving hard-to-reach areas and curves safely, smoothly, and without irritation. The slim head on the cartridge is one of its key factors that come into play when shaving under your nose and other difficult areas.

It is hard to shave under the nose with most of the razors available today on the market.

Here’s How The Defender Razor Shaves Better Under The Nose

In this video, this guy compares the Defender Razor to Gillette Fusion-Proshield!

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