How to Get a Smooth Shave

The main aim of shaving, is to get a smooth and stubble-free close encounter with a soft feel to the touch. Unless you are growing out your beard for a fashion
the statement, shaving is undoubtedly a part of your daily routine.

Most men learn how to shave as teenagers by watching their fathers, and may still use the same products and techniques even in adulthood. As you have noticed today shaving has come a long way, and you may need quite a bit more than just a single-blade razor and foaming shaving cream, to get that close and SMOOTH shave that you desire.

Close Shave Feature

Three Things that Ensure the Smoothest Shave

When it comes to a smooth, rash-free and close shave there are a few things that you need to implement and perfect.

Get a close shave may not always guarantee a smooth shave as you may experience razor burn, or rash that can result in some nasty bumps and ingrown hairs. So
our main purpose today is not just for a close and smooth shave, but likewise and irritation and bump free shave.


First and foremost, your technique, although it may be passed down from your grandfather, and his father, and so on, may not always be that effective. So here are
a few tips to improve on your shaving technique;

  • Start with a very sharp and clean razor.
  • Shave using short bursts of very gentle strokes.
  • Pay attention to the direction your hair grows and shave with the grain.
  • After shaving with the grain you can very lightly shave against the grain with short strokes.
  • Rinse your blade in hot water often, and preferably after every short stroke.
  • When you are done, make sure to rinse your face with cold water, which helps to close the pores, preventing rashes and razor bumps.

Pre and Post Shave Regime

But before we get to shaving techniques and tools, the first step in any shaving routine is your before care, and after every shaving episode your aftercare. This
is the most important step in preventing rashes and ingrown hairs, as well as keeping your skin safe and healthy.

  • First of all make sure you clean your face thoroughly, and try to exfoliate before every shave with a high-quality product specific to your skin type.
  • Make sure to use a moisturizing face wash because you do not want to strip your face of its natural oils.
  • Choose a thick moisturizing shaving cream, gel or foam, whichever you prefer and smooth it lavishly over your entire face and neck area.
  • Give a few minutes for the shaving product to soak into your skin, and then start shaving, using the technique recommended.
  • Make sure to reapply shaving product before you shave against the grain.
  • When you are done rinse your face thoroughly and apply a moisturizing aftershave balm or cologne.

A Good Razor for Your Skin Type

Now for the part we have all been waiting for, the shaving tools. Let us be frank, we each have our favorite brand and taste when it comes to razors and blades.

So, to just get the facts straight, yes, the smoothest and closest shave you will get is with a straight razor, but this is an art rather saved for the professionals, as a
a straight razor is dangerous and can cause more harm than good if not used properly.

Next in line multiblade, and cartridge razors, will give you that close and smooth shave you have always wanted, but the catch is to find the one that

Works best for you personally. In the end it is always good to invest in a high quality, and well-known brand, you are more likely to have success with an innovative
and quality brand.


Three Blade Razor

With Cartridge and multiblade razors comes blades, and this is the part where we all cringe, because a good quality cartridge blade is downright expensive.
Although this is true, take some time to compare how long you can use your “expensive” blade compared to others, and with some good care and maintenance you can even prolong the life of your blade.

In the end what we all need in a good razor blade is a system that is easy to rinse and clean, that will not clog and that stays sharp. Another factor is pulling and tugging, a razor blade in which the multiple blades are spaced further apart will not pull or tug.

Then, flexibility is key for those hard to reach areas, and likewise a pivoting head, and free suspension blades.

Blade Types for your Skin Type

One thing I would highly recommend is to get the proper blade type for your skin, particularly if you have irritable and sensitive skin;

  • A regular blade will offer you a smooth and comfortable shave hassle free but will not provide much protection or prevention when it comes to sensitivity.
  • A sensitive blade gives you a close, yet more gentle shave for that little extra care.
  • An Extra Sensitive blade will likely prevent irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hair, but will most likely not provide the closest and smoothest shave initially.

Tips for a Smoother Shave

At the end as you can see it is all up to your tools, products and technique, to ensure the smoothest and most comfortable shave, and if you have mastered this and not seen an improvement, here are some more shaving tips;

  • Never shave when your skin is dry, you will risk cuts and irritation.
  • Make sure you use warm water, not hot water which may soften your skin too much.
  • Do not use soap, use shaving cream, gel or foam.
  • Do not lend out your razor to your partner or friends and family.
  • Always pay attention to the direction of your hair growth, and stay with first with the grain and then against the grain if you must.
  • Shave more often to prevent pulling and tugging.
  • Stay out of the sun or use a good sunscreen at all times, and never shave sunburnt skin.
  • Replace your blades regularly and keep them clean and dry.

Choosing the Best Razor

When Choosing your Razor, keep these features in mind;

Number of Blades

A razor with three or more blades is ideal for a closer shave. Just make sure to check the spacing between blades. A good example of a razor that offers three blades

with ample spacing is the Defender razor brand.


The blades should be flexible and the cartridge head able to pivot. Likewise looks for a handle with an ergonomic design and good grip properties.

Lubrication Strip

A razor blade with a lubrication strip is great for dry and sensitive skin, and will likewise prevent nicks and cuts.


Make sure that the material used to make the handle is not slippery, and that it has an easy to operate design.

In the End

Finding that perfect razor is now your mission, the tips and techniques I have given should enable you to get a much closer and smoother shave.

I have noticed a new and upcoming brand of razor, the Defender to have many of the features that I have discussed in this article, and to be fast on track as one

of the most innovative all-around Cartridge razors.

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